Mardi Malt

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It seems like Mardis characters got somehow suddenly alive and jumped out of her colourful and funny drawings. Made of polymer clay such as Fimo or Super Sculpey, wires and fabric, the figures are usually complete fabrications. Every resemblance to living persons are purely coincidential.   

Her illustrations are found to be on flyers, posters, postcards and on booklets and also in small publications (such as in Drucula Story and in Wizard Anthology together with other artists).

For the international advertised “Tschutti Heftli”- competition, she crafted former football star Pelé as a little figurine and won therewith a participation in the WM 2014 collector’s album. Tschutti Heftli is the artsy and much more amazing alternative to the Panini scrapbook. As a result, she had the chance to sculpt the Italian football team and turned Ballotelli, Pirlo, Buffon and the like into small figures.

Born and living in St. Gallen (the Eastern part of Switzerland), Mardi "malt" (german for paints) and her alter ego Martina sings in an alternative rock band. After finishing her schooling and education as a primary school teacher, she decided to work part-time, in order to be much more flexible and to have enough time for music, art and creativity.

Techniques: Analogue, Hand Drawing, Marker Pen, Felt Pen, Crayons, Mixed Media, FIMO, Apoxy Clay and Super Sculpey (polymer clay), Wires, Fabric.